English – Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein


 – also known as Rabbi Ignácz Lichtenstein*

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein  

The writings of Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein


Two Letters; or, What I Really Wish


Judaism and Christianity


An Appeal to the Jewish People

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The Jewish Mirror or the Scriptures Reflecting Christ


The Points of Contact between Evangelical and Jewish Doctrine





The Blood of Christ


The new year’s greeting to the new born in the Lord for the year of grace 1902.

(The Scattered Nation, volume 29, January 1902, – Supplement to “The Scattered Nation”, January 1902)


How to Approach the Jews

(The Scattered Nation, volume 8, October 1896, 193-195 p.)


Original German Works

Original Hungarian Works


*His civil name was Ignácz and his Jewish name was Isaac.


This is a Hungarian messianic Jewish website, which includes information only about Rabbi Lichtenstein in English.

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